Drivelodge Motorhomes first started building motorhomes commercially in 1981.

David and Joanne Waring started the company in David’s father’s textile mill in Skipton, Yorkshire, at at time when textiles had become a dying trade in this country. David had been building the occasional motorhome in his spare time for family holidays.

In the beginning looms ran in one side of the mill and motorhomes were being built at the other side ! Gradually the looms were removed and by 1994 only motorhomes were being built at the mill.

In 1995 Drivelodge moved to a more suitable industrial unit with a sales forecourt in Crosshills, just 4 miles from the present mill premises and were soon producing 4 – 5 vehicles a month.

After 6 years David realised that he was spending more time overseeing the building of motorhomes rather than building them himself, so in 2001 it was decided to move to the current premises so David could be ‘hands on’ again.

During their time building the business David and Joanne have had three children, all of whom are often seen at the workshops and so help maintain the family atmosphere.

The Warings still take family holidays in their own purpose built motorhome, designed and constructed to their own family needs of course!

Over the past few years, Drivelodge Motorhomes have stopped producing full conversions and now specialises in manufacturing High Top and Elevating roofs. The company mainly supplies the trade with roofs and works very closely with some big manufacturers although they still retail as well.

The Company is now overseen by David and Joanne’s Son, James Waring who runs the office side whilst David stays hands on in the workshop and Joanne does the Accounts. Their other Son Joseph now works full time in the Metalwork Department.

Although Drivelodge has grown and now employs 13 people, the family values and ethos still shines through, ensuring a happy workplace and high quality goods!